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General UI Issues

Apologies, this is a bit of a hodge podge, they’re the notes I made as I started using V5.
• Click/Release/Click drag to move branches other than the currently selected one around is different to the usual Click/drag gesture for drag/drop in most Windows apps, especially as the initial click on a branch also visually indicates it’s selected. Also different to what it says in online help (“To move a branch by dragging and dropping: Click on the branch you want to move and drag.”).
• Pressing Return in the Help search box doesn’t start the search.
• No context in the online help results to help you choose the right option.
• Spreadsheet charts tricky: single colour so pie charts useless. Very hard to scroll around the chart in the Chart tab. Typing rather than dragging to select the data/label cells doesn’t work. Exit then reopen the spreadsheet and the chart disappears. Updating data on spreadsheet then exit doesn’t update the chart on the mind map.
• Press Save on spreadsheet, then exit, asks if you want to save.
• Spreadsheet window can’t be moved or resized.
• Currency formatting should probably have the option to display 2 decimal places.
• When you insert a spreadsheet, should give focus to cell A1 so you can start typing.
• Can’t see Gantt chart and mind map simultaneously (could in V4, and the online help suggests you should be able to in V5).
• Inflexible window layout: can’t detach/move the tasks/notes from the RHS.
• No dual monitor support – would be good for project mgmt mode.
• Can’t customise ribbon. Most of the options I use would fit on one tab if I could move them around (I know about the quick access toolbar).
• No shortcut keys to select ribbon tabs, or emulation of the Alt key functionality in the MS ribbon (press/release Alt to see the tab selection shortcut, etc).
• Does the project management predecessor work? It seems to lose my V4 ones, and the way you set them is not intuitive but it doesn’t seem to actually change anything (if you set task B’s predecessor to task A, start to end, task B’s start date doesn’t change).
• Click on a branch, click Insert comment – I’d say it should now give focus to the comment, but it doesn’t. Click once on the comment, it appears to have focus, but it doesn’t – press Ctrl-A to select the text, for example, and all the branches are selected. You have to click in the comment twice for it to get focus.
• As far as I can tell, you can’t zoom in/out in 3D mode.
• Images in notes don’t export (at least to Word or Web).
• Can’t find a description of what you can drag/drop from other programs into iMindMap. Eg I can drag/drop a photo to create a central image (takes a while and doesn’t put it where you drop it, but it works). If I drag text from Word, it creates a black box. I can’t drag/drop an email from Outlook onto a branch.
• Close iMindMap with unsaved maps, redraws each map about 3 times in the background before displaying the save dialog sometimes after quite a delay.
• Screen grab function disappeared?

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  • rsettle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    the basic functionality of creating a mind map is still the best around, but the extras you get with ultimate (office integration, project, charts/spreadsheet and so on) are still practically unusable, they're not just buggy, it's more like nobody has even tried pressing the buttons.

  • AdminCharlotte (Admin, ThinkBuzan) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi rsettle

    Thanks for the constructive feedback - must have been very time consuming for you but very helpful for us!

    I have logged all of your points and shared them with the developers, hopefully most of these issues will have been addressed with the 5.2 update.

    As always, feel free to share you feedback regarding the 5.2 update.

    Many thanks,

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