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tags & custom fields

first off just regular tags
that one could assign
both to branches and connectors
and then use these in the filters
(and filters really need to be save-able too!)

then more advanced "auto-tags"
as in defining a PARENT tag for a branch
which then every child-branch of that
automatically gets assigned as-well

so one would not have to
manually tag each item.

and then of course
upon dragging out some branches
from that parent branch
and unto another parent branch with tags
the tags must be UPDATED
(with the old removed & new added)
all in the background automatically
to all the sub-items applied as-well.

and then with also an option
to auto-apply the parent tag
to either just the direct children
which are just 1 level down of it

or else the option
to apply that parent tag
to ALL the sub-branches & items
that are children of it
infinitely deep.


and custom fields because
then one could have additional meta-data
that contrary to tags
could be standardized in a field form
ideally with a DROP-DOWN fields also available

so one could standardized pre-populate the drop-down fields
and then just easily SELECT just the fitting value
without having to again manually
type the value for every single field again.

then of course a bulk-tag assigning upon a selection
or a bulk-tag removing upon a selection
should also be totally possible
and very useful as-well.
to not do it all manually again

i really hope this comes in version 10

as the other top mind map softwares
also have tagging/custom-fields/meta-data

and while yours IS the best looking
it could use a little more
on the power-features functionality side :-)

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