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Pack and Go (Transfering folders)

It would be good if you could devlop the software so that it would be transfered in Pack and Go with folders. Therefore that all your work and the links that are with the folders would work on any computer the software is installed. This would be a very good package for clients who have a lot of data and are needing a document control programme that is transferable. Also you would have to re-instate the links to folders that was in version 4 but not in version 5.

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  • rsettle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    according to the online help:
    "To import a zipped file that has been created using iMindMap's Pack & Go tool:
    Go to the File tab.
    Select Open.
    Browse to the zipped Pack & Go file that you wish to import.
    iMindMap will then open up the Mind Map and any links on the branches will fully work and open up any linked files and documents. All images, Smart Cells and notes will also be viewable.
    but I just get an error that "the format of the file you have tried to import is not supported". Manually unzipping works ok, although pack&go changes the folder structure for linked items.
    the way it lets you follow links without question is not very secure.

  • Fantasia commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes I agree on this, and also make the link addresses RELATIVE to the Mindmap Folder

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