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Retaining spreadsheet

I use iMM5 on a MacBookPro, Mac OSX Snowleopard. I created a spreadsheet via 'Insert', edited it, saved it so it appeared in the main screen linked to a branch. I clicked the spreadsheet again for an extended edit which I performed, saved the spreadsheet again and closed it, just like the first time, expecting it to show up behind its branch. No such luck, though, as it had disappeared for good, without notification.
A few remarks.
1st - the spreadsheet has only limited editing-functionality. E.g. inserting rows or columns is not possible and causes a lot of extra work.
2nd - the workscreen is of a fixed size and cannot be moved. which is a nuisance when working in a widescreen as it sits in the top left corner.
3rd - Disappearing means lost data and time, interrupting workflow.
Could you please address all this and make the spreadsheet movable, resizeable and reliably savable?

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  • mrmaclain commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed. Same happened to me and is not acceptable. Spreadsheet usage leaves a lot to be desired.

    When the spreadsheet is opened, typed, deleting and command keys (copy/cut/paste) are applied to the mindmap in the background. The newly created spreadsheet and other mindmap content can be deleted as you are working on it.

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