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Keyboard shortcuts are a mess

Firstly, couldn't we have the option of having keyboard hotkeys showing in the tool tips?

It should be possible to minimise the use of the mouse as much as possible by having the keyboard carry out all basic functions in as an intuitive and seamless a way as possible. For example, from a branch Ctrl+T gives you access to the notes pane but you still have to click into the pane to begin typing. Then once you've finished typing you'd at least want the option of going back to the same branch via the keyboard. Pressing Ctrl+T again or Esc would be the obvious ways to accomplish this, but instead you have to break off the keyboard again and click back on your branch. There are lots of examples like this, where a keyboard hotkey will take you to a function of feature but then won't get you back to your mindmap, which is a real pain in the butt if, like me, you dislike breaking off the keyboard to use the mouse. There should also be a way to assign your own keyboard hotkeys, as you can do in many, many programs from games to word processors.

But this isn't the half of it: Keyboard functionality actually changes when you Alt+Tab out of the program and then Alt+Tab back in. This is totally nonsensical. For example, suppose you've clicked into the notes pane and done a bit of typing. Pressing Ctrl+E centres the text in the notes pane. Now if you Alt+Tab out of the program (as you might want to do to use your web browser, word processor or whatever) and then Alt+Tab back in to iMM5, Ctrl+E will take you to the tasks pane. What?! I'm beginning to see why keyboard hotkeys aren't shown in tool tips!! The whole keyboard shortcuts functionality needs reviewing and extending. It's a real mess.

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  • Jessica Jones commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree that keyboard shortcuts badly need working on. I really use "insert branch before" a lot in other mindmapping programs, and it's usually a simple shortcut to do this. On imindmap, I have to rightclick, insert, choose insert branch before.

    Also, getting to the notes: yes, there's a shortcut (I use a mac) but it just brings up the Notes panel. What it needs to do is (a) bring up the notes panel, and (b) insert the cursor at the end of last thing typed. I use notes a great deal, and I'm always switching between typing notes and mapping, and this is a fluid process with Mind Manager (although I have other issues with MindManager, which has abandoned its Mac users to all intents and purposes). You want to be able to go directly to the last thing typed in Notes, and then directly back to the source branch of that note, in a fluid process.

    So if I know I'm going to be working on a project with a lot of notes, I'm finding I'm avoiding iMindMap. And, basically, one ought to be able to customize a shortcut for almost anything. When you are doing a mindmap brainstorming in a group, you are typing very fast and you do not want to be right-clicking or wandering around the top menu items.

  • Doris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Also, basic shortcuts Save, Bold & Italic are mapped to ctrl+S ctrl+B and ctrl+I, not cmd-S cmd-B and ctrl-I as they should be.

    When I save, the File menu isn't highlighted to show me that it's saving the file.

    After highlighting a block of text to bold, the highlight disappears & I have to highlight the text again to do more formatting. This doesn't happen if I italicise the text before bolding it.

    Basic Mac developers would not get this wrong even if porting from a PC/Java app.

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