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mouse wheel zoom - zoom steps

Zooming steps should be relativ (to the present zoom size) not absolut.
Now, it zooms up or down by fix absolut 35%.
That is fine at higher zoom levels (above ~150%).
With larger maps, hence at smaller zoom levels, it too much.
From 65% one mouse wheel notch down jumps to 30%! Less than half of before. That is unusable.

1 mouse wheel notch should be:
- for up + 33% (relative)
from 100% to 133%, from 60% to 80%, from 30% to 40%
- for down - 25% (relativ)
from 100% to 75%, from 80% to 60%, from 40% to 30%

(So one notch up and one notch down should end back at where it started. More over, it gives a much better granularity at often used lower percentages. Because of the standard settings with a new central image, zoom levels above 150% or 200% are barely used anyhow.)

Thanks for fixing this.

PS: While at it. Change the zoom from CTRL-mouse-wheel, to plain mouse-wheel action. Since the scrolling is barely used due to the great drag function when click-and-hold in white space.

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